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CompuTax group is a leading software group which has started the concept of computerized Income Tax returns in India. The group is engaged in development of various professional software required by Chartered Accountants, Tax Practioners, Corporates for Income Tax, TDS, Service Tax, VAT, etc. The group also provides all types Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for I.T. return, VAT, MCA21, EXIM, etendering, etc.

It initially started its journey in 1989 from Jaipur which now has its branches across India. CompuTax is the market leader in Professional Softwares with its own commitments, services, and ethics. The group has leading chartered accountants and advocates as its backbone.

The group was providing software to Income Tax Department for processing of returns till the implementation of AST software by Income Tax department.

The Group is having more than 25000 users in India and is the market leader in professional softwares.

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Company GSTN No. ARN State
PSPL 08AACCP7340P1ZX AA081216007441N Rajasthan
TMPL 08AACCT4199G1Z1 081216000682K

PSPL-Professional Softec Pvt Ltd

TMPL-Taxsoft Marketing Pvt Ltd

  • Introduced concept of computerized return.
  • Established since 1989.
  • Satisfactory users all over India.
  • Developed by Tax Professionals keeping in view the practical & actual requirement of users.
  • Trained technical & supportive staff.
  • Wide network.